Senior Full Stack Developer (Elixir / Ruby)
Senior Full Stack Developer (Elixir / Ruby) BetterDoc
4.2K - 5.8K
3 weeks ago

At BetterDoc, you will work to deliver value, not to fulfil a spec. We value curiosity, the will to learn and the drive to deliver great software. We look for people that want to see their influence on what was created and who are proud of their craft.

As a Senior Developer at BetterDoc, you will be part of small project teams. These cross-functional teams deliver value in focused, self-managed projects.

In almost every project team we have people working remotely, making written communication very important. You should be able to express proposals and decisions, as well as task descriptions in written form. Team language is english, being able to communicate in german is a plus.

At BetterDoc, a Senior developer should

  • be able to translate feature needs into code tasks;

  • write code in a sustainable way;

  • understand, propose and contribute to architectural decisions;

  • be proficient in one or more programming language;

  • be able to learn a new language quickly;

  • be able to understand domains of subject matter teams;

  • be able to own one or several systems that group multiple services;

  • know and be able to work within all steps of the development process; and

  • help juniors and help improve their coding skills.

Please apply here:

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Senior Full Stack Developer
Senior Full Stack Developer SalesChamp
3.5K - 4.5K
4 weeks ago

We are looking for an experienced person who can orient themselves in any programming language and understands the backend, frontend and infrastructure.

What will be the scope of your work?

  • Backend and frontend programming

  • Releases and modifying release processes

  • Server management

  • Proposal of solution of necessary changes in the application

  • Code reviews

On the server side you will need:

  • PHP, ES6, Node.js and Typescript

  • Docker, Docker Swarm and Terraform

  • Nette 2.4, Symfony Console

  • Nette Tester and Jest

  • RabbitMQ, MongoDB and MySQL

On the client side:

  • ES6 and Babel

  • Backbone and Marionette frameworks along with underscore.js and Handlebars

  • Webpack

  • Karma and Mocha

For infrastructure:

  • Linux server, AWS

What we can offer:

  • Contractor based cooperation (we can also take care of your self-employment duties)

  • Very nice salary and flexible working schedule

  • Trips to our head office in Netherlands once a year

  • Brno office is located right in the city centre

  • Friendly team of beautiful young people

  • Refreshments on site, team buildings, trips to Amsterdam

  • Amazing coffee from Brno based coffee-roasting plant - Rebelbean

Please apply here:
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Please reference you found the job on, this helps us get more companies to post here!