Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer Decodify.me LLC
2.3K - 4.9K
2 days ago

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer (Django+React). Pay will be in accordance with abilities, skills, experience, hustle, leadership, math/bioinformatics knowledge, level of English proficiency and location. 

We do not want to waste your time applying, so please look at these bullet points before applying.

  • Full time - we expect people to put in 40 hrs a week or more

  • Fully Remote.

  • NO agencies

  • Minimum of 2-3 years professional coding experience

  • Salary: USD as a contractor - depending on skills, speed, experience, proficiency in our tech stack, location, English fluency, leadership abilities, work hustle & drive, personality, plusses listed, etc...

  • Equity is also available for outstanding applicants and those with leadership abilities - people who can take on a leadership role.

Highly Desired Skills:

  • Strong English-language communication skills

  • Professional experience with Python

  • Professional experience with a python based web application framework, such as Django or Flask. Experience in Django is preferred.

  • Professional experience with React & Redux or similar front end technologies or frameworks (Angular, Vue, etc...)

  • Proficiency in Typescript

  • Experience with React performance testing and performance optimization (React profiler, server-side rendering, code splitting/lazy loading)

  • Solid command of Javascript, CSS and HTML

  • Well-versed in source control with Git

  • Understanding the differences between multiple delivery platforms (e.g. mobile vs desktop) and optimizing output to match the specific platform (e.g. HTML5, and CSS3)

  • Understanding of accessibility and security compliance

  • Knowledge of user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments


  • Creating new features related to personalized health based on genetics, labs, and symptoms

  • Developing scalable, easily-maintainable software

  • Optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability

  • Extending and improving existing internal software systems

  • Software Testing

  • Able to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system

  • Implement creative and visually-appealing frontend designs

  • Translate designs, wireframes, and mockups into highly-composable code

  • Participating in weekly scrum meetings


  • Bioinformatics knowledge

  • Math knowledge

  • Knowledge of Wordpress

  • Health enthusiast

  • History of leadership

About Us:

SelfDecode is a fast-growing biotech startup in the personalized health space. We build software to help interpret peoples’ genetics, lab tests and symptoms in order to give personalized health recommendations.

  • Our primary goal is to give people the tools they need to live a healthier and better life.

Our outlook:

  • We are a flat organization and prioritize efficiency.

  • We work as a team and every input and suggestion is taken into account, no matter who it comes from.

  • We thrive on open communication and dedication.

  • We are a meritocracy and people who show good abilities or skills can move up in the organization fast, get raises, etc...

  • We expect people to work full time without side gigs.

  • We expect the applicant to have a long term relationship with our company.

  • We expect employees to be proactive and autonomous.

  • We do not micromanage.

  • Dishonesty is not tolerated at all, and we thrive on trust.

  • When you're working, we expect you to work.

  • We emphasize skills & abilities rather than formal education.

We are very selective in our process because we look for a very long-term, full-time partnership with our employees. We try to keep the application process as short as possible, so that we don't waste anyone's time. 

If this is the type of company you want to be a part of, apply now!

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full Stack .NET/MSSQL Developer
Full Stack .NET/MSSQL Developer MicroGSD
2.3K - 4.9K
2 days ago

We are looking for a software engineer with a “find or make a way” attitude who can initialize and manage projects. We expect the role to begin as an individual contributor and grow into a nearly autonomous role. This opportunity is for someone excited for autonomy, ownership, flexible working hours and responsibility. This is a remote position available as a contract.

Our stack

  • We service several different applications. All are written in some form of .NET with various different front end technologies (React, DNN (legacy), ASP.NET Forms, MVC).

  • All of our applications utilize Microsoft SQL Server. Some use MAS500/Sage 500 ERP.

  • All applications live in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Our latest applications are written in .NET Core & React.

  • We are looking for talent who can contribute to all of our applications, new or legacy.

  • Recommended development machine utilizes modern processors and SSDs with about 2 TB of storage and several monitors. Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code and MSSQL.


  • .NET

  • VB.NET

  • C#

  • .NET Core


  • MSSQL - SQL Server

  • React

  • Javascript

  • Node.js

ElasticSearchBuild something challenging and valuable

You will be challenged to accomplish a variety of different goals depending on the project. Explore the limits of your intuition and resourcefulness while interacting with legacy systems and poorly programmed integrations. Some typical work days you can expect:

  • Interacting with teams of non-engineers to establish project requirements and expected outcomes, with deep consideration for future impacts.

  • Writing new internal or ecommerce web applications

  • Refining legacy applications to save labor hours

  • Optimizing legacy applications

  • Optimizing MSSQL

  • Automation to save labor hours

  • Implementing AB tests on ecommerce websites

See if you fit our requirements

We are looking for someone with the following attributes

  • Ability to read and speak English is required to clearly communicate with clients and read documentation

  • 3+ years experience working in back-end applications

  • 2+ years experience working with front-end applications

  • Deep familiarity with .NET/ASP.NET/MSSQL

  • Bonus for familiarity with ReactJS/Javascript/.NET Core/MVC

  • Ability to document new and legacy systems where documentation is lacking.

  • Ability to pass a background check (if applicable)

  • Proven dedication to creating maintainable and functional systems

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full Stack JavaScript Developer
Full Stack JavaScript Developer GitStart
1.1K - 1.8K
2 days ago

Ideal candidate for this role: 

  • At least 2 years of professional experience as a Software Engineer, writing code for native applications

  • Required experience building React based apps & ES6

  • Required experience building server side apps based on NodeJS

  • Good experience building large single page frontend apps

  • Good grip on functional programming design patterns

  • Good grip on TDD, and writing elegant test cases

  • Experience using/building JS based tooling such as webpack, babel & npm

  • Preferable experience using JS based languages/type systems such as TypeScript/FlowType/Elm/ReasonML

  • Effective communication skills (English, verbal, and written)

  • Prior experience working remotely as an effective member of a team

  • Comfortable working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Senior Full Stack Engineer
Senior Full Stack Engineer Sector Labs
5.1K - 7.5K
4 days ago

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer you will work on our real estate portals built as SPAs with React, Node and Django as well as on our customer facing tools. These are complex systems with many moving parts and drastic performance requirements. You will have to write new code and understand legacy systems, design new parts and keep an eye on performance bottlenecks.

This is a remote role accepting applicants only from European Union. A high degree of autonomy is offered and we expect you will use it to make decisions and shape the future of our software stack.

Skills & Requirements

Experience and Pragmatism

This role is for somebody who has been through several releases and products built from ground up. We expect some degree of specialisation on technology but if that does not align with the one we’re using at the moment we don’t mind.

What we expect is:

  • University Degree in CS, CE or closely related

  • At least 5 years of experience writing code professionally

  • At least 3 years of experience in web development

  • A good understanding of all common data structures

  • Ability to write complex algorithms

  • Ability to design software systems with multiple parts across multiple technologies

  • A good understanding of performance optimisation techniques


While knowing our stack is definitely an advantage, it is not by any means a disqualifying factor:

  • Python 3, Django, React, Redux, Node, Express

  • Other technologies and services: Universal Web Apps, Machine Learning, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Heroku, AWS, Algolia, CDN’s

What is it like to work for us?

Here are some ideas we have that might help you figure that out:

  • Autonomy: you will choose the tools you want to use and get to make all the technical decisions as long as they make sense (that's for the CTO to approve)

  • Mastery: we will encourage and support you to learn as long as it takes so you can feel proud about your work (the nice side effect of this is having awesome products built by you)

  • Offering the best and expecting to get the same in return: annual allowance for gear upgrades (chair, computer, etc.)

About Us

We're part of a group of companies which operate some of the biggest real-estate web portals in four countries in Asia and Africa. Our purpose is to help provide the technology for these high traffic websites as well as for the back-office operations including sales and marketing.

Please apply via mail:

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Full-stack engineer (React + Rails)
Full-stack engineer (React + Rails) Almanac
5.3K - 8.3K
6 days ago

We’re looking for an independent and ambitious fullstack engineer who wants to make a big impact at this early stage in our roadmap. 

As an engineer at Almanac, you will be responsible for building out the intuitive, interactive experiences that our customers need to organize their documentation, as well as contributing to the backend architecture and endpoints that we need to support those features. 

Specifically, you will: 

  • Regularly build and ship high-impact features from scratch

  • Write well-tested code in a modern technology stack

  • Participate in standups, code reviews and retrospectives with our remote team

  • Work closely with our Head of Engineering and the engineering team to make architecture and design decisions

  • Help make sure everything runs smoothly & safely in production

  • Set down standards around development, code review and deployment

Our tech stack

  • Rails, Postgres, React, Algolia, Terraform

  • Team size: 11-50 people

Things we love

  • Deploying 20 times a day, simple JSON APIs, RSpec & Cypress, Algolia, git, giphy integrations, continuous delivery, Heroku, vim (ok, maybe just me), Tartine croissants

What you bring to the role

  • You have at least 3 years of full stack experience, building frontends in React—or any other JS framework—whilst also being confident working with Ruby on the backend.

  • You understand the tradeoffs between quality and speed in an early stage startup environment.

  • You are passionate about getting things live and iterating fast.

  • You’re confident writing automated tests, and you get excited by little green dots.

  • You are a strong communicator and can clearly explain the tasks and tradeoffs for new features.

  • You care about the feature as a whole, not just the implementation, and can make smaller decisions on your own when required.

Working at Almanac

At Almanac, we: 

  • Are fundamental optimists who believe we’re still only at the start of the digital age.

  • Desire working with deeply kind, mission-driven people.

  • Strive to make the complex simple.

  • Use first principles to debate ideas, test assumptions, and make decisions.

  • Seek the truth by putting data above opinions.

  • Assume good intent and give tactical feedback to help each other get better.

  • Hold no ego—when our customers win, we all win.

As a company, we are seriously committed to your professional development and growth:

  • You will set your own monthly goals aligned with our ambitious strategy

  • You will have our collective support in achieving major wins—and personal coaching from your manager 

  • You will be encouraged to take risks, try new things, and be creative with your work 

  • You will have many opportunities to exchange and engage in feedback

  • You will be offered continual chances to stretch yourself and raise your own bar

  • You will be rewarded for achieving excellence and mastery

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full-Stack React/Node Developer
Full-Stack React/Node Developer Plex
5.0K - 8.3K
6 days ago

As a member of the content team, you'll work on both public and internal applications. The content team is responsible for bringing great media into Plex from a variety of partners and online sources. Examples include rich metadata for all media types, ad-supported movies and TV shows, live TV streams, podcasts, web shows, and news. You'll work on our public facing pages for all of this metadata as well as the internal tools that we use to manage everything.

You will

  • Build on a highly performant React app that will be used by millions of people

  • Build internal tools on a TypeScript/React/MongoDB stack

  • Work on the node.js / TypeScript backend

  • Take ownership of everything you work on and play an active role in defining features and requirements

  • Work with an incredible team

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full-Stack Python Engineer
Full-Stack Python Engineer Gorgias
4.2K - 7.1K
6 days ago

Gorgias helps e-commerce companies deliver excellent customer service at scale. Our product creates a unified profile of customers by combining emails, live-chat, and social-media messages with e-commerce data such as purchase and delivery info. Combining all this data in a single application makes customer service more efficient and just better.

About You

  • 3+ years of experience developing production-grade backend web applications using Python or JS.

  • 3+ years of experience doing front-end development with JS.

  • You are passionate about learning and want to help us learn too.

  • You care about working on applications that are putting the customer needs first.

  • You are comfortable communicating with other technical teams and management to collect requirements, describe software product features, demo work in progress, and provide project updates.

  • You have the drive and focus to get challenging projects over the finish line, and you are comfortable advocating for what you need to do your best work.

  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Nice to Have

  • Experience in designing API/microservices is a huge plus.

  • Experience with managing RDMS databases with 10Tb+ of data.

Company Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive salary, equity packages, and performance bonus packages

  • 4 weeks of vacation and parental leave

  • Latest MacBook Pro or equivalent

  • Retirement benefits

  • Unlimited snacks

  • Health coverage

Useful Things to Know About Gorgias

Engineering Team Culture

Getting Stuff Done, Ownership, Team Work, Excellence, and Agility. You should join us if you want to ship stuff fast without scarifying quality. We've put great importance on testing our code, cleaning it, treating errors first, and features later. We also value growth and ownership. People make mistakes. We learn from them to avoid them in the future. We cannot achieve excellence if there are no bumps in the road. 

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Senior Fullstack JS Engineer
Senior Fullstack JS Engineer Chance
3.8K - 5.0K
1 week ago

As a full stack engineer, you will be working as part of the product team to build all aspects of our services designed to help people get a fulfilling job. This will include front end, back end, API design, and data management.

To succeed in this position, you must have a self-starter attitude. You will be given general goals, and it will be up to you to figure out how to accomplish them in terms of implementation. This requires a high-level of creativity and ability to deal with uncertainty since the situation changes quickly.

You must also be a team player. This is not just an empty slogan. You must be comfortable with constant brainstorming, whiteboard sessions, and interactions with people both inside and outside the development team on multiple projects.

The team is growing fast: 

The quality and scalability of our codebase is key.

Chance is a mix of psychology and technology. Coaches are involved in tech, we expect engineers to be involved in return.

Our product is tackling a complex subject: 

Helping people find purpose in life and accompany them until they get a new job, high uncertainty in execution is our daily pace.


  • Application development for our internal and external users

  • API Design, Database design and Tech Architecture

  • Get involved in product design process, bringing your tech expertise to challenge the envisioned solutions

  • Pushing forward our technical stacks by testing and implementing new paradigms


  • Design: Sketch, Abstract, InVision, Specify, Zeplin

  • Frontend: ReactJS, Typescript, Styled components, Storybook, GraphQL

  • Backend: NodeJS/Express, Typescript, GraphQL, Knex, PostgreSQL

YOUR PROFILE: We are looking for an high-agency team player, able to lead projects and collaborate with other teams.

You master Javascript in depth and you have:

  • Strong alignment with Chance vision and mission

  • You have already worked in a startup environment

  • You have 7 years+ fundamental hands-on experience in ReactJS NodeJS

  • You have a strong UX and aesthetic sensibility — you love well crafted pixels

  • You have a deep interest in simple and maintainable code — testing and scalability in mind

  • You have practical experiences in GraphQL

  • Strong knowledge in relational databases, especially PostgreSQL

  • Fluent written and spoken English

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full Stack Engineer for a Cryptocurrency startup
Full Stack Engineer for a Cryptocurrency startup Chorus One
5.3K - 8.3K
1 week ago

Chorus One runs validators for multiple Proof of Stake networks and manages over $50 million in crypto-assets. As part of this mission, we provide a user facing interface for staking: https://anthem.chorus.one . We are actively searching for a Full Stack Engineer to lead the development of Anthem.

This is a challenging role that would entail building out a web platform which interacts with the cutting-edge technology surrounding today's decentralized networks. As such you will be exposed to many new, interesting, and unique technologies in the course of this role. Anthem is open source, so you can review the code to have a clear idea of what you would be working on.


  • Integrate new cryptocurrency networks into Anthem.

  • Develop and test user workflows pertaining to managing funds.

  • Develop new product features for Anthem to enable users to optimize their returns.

  • Participate in the upkeep of Chorus validator infrastructure through on-call rotations.

The Ideal Candidate

Must haves:

  • Worked in a fullstack role touching both frontend and backend.

  • Solid experience working with React and NodeJS.

  • Familiarity with building and consuming GraphQL APIs.

  • Experience with at least one strongly typed language (ideally TypeScript).

  • Comfortable working remotely with a high degree of autonomy.

  • Good Experience with UI testing of some form: Selenium, Cypress, Nightmare.js etc.

Nice to have:

  • Interest and knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or an interest to learn.

  • Experience interacting with hardware cryptocurrency wallets, e.g. Ledger devices.

  • DBA experience with Postgres or other SQL databases.

  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines for deploying web products.

  • Skill or interest building data visualizations.

  • Experience with product-analytics tools such as Segment and Amplitude

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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REMOTE Staff Full Stack Engineer
REMOTE Staff Full Stack Engineer Process Street
10.1K - 13.1K
2 weeks ago

We’re on the search for exceptional engineers in the following time zones: Pacific Time to Eastern Time in North America and WET, CET, and EET in Europe.

Who We Are

Process Street is the easy, no-code way to help companies build, automate, and track recurring workflows. We are a lean, flexible, 100% distributed team, backed by amazing investors like Accel, Salesforce, and Atlassian. We're on a mission to make recurring work fun, fast, and faultless for teams everywhere.

Our values

  • Act like an owner (Agency!)

  • Default to action (Processes are great; bureaucracy isn't!)

  • Focus on the process (See? Great.)

  • Practice prioritization (There are an infinite number of useful things to do. We trust you to pick the best ones.)

  • Pay attention to details (Our customers count on us!)

  • Over-communicate everything. Twice (See what we did there?)

Our Culture

  • We're a product-led organization

  • Engineers, Designers, and PMs sit together on all projects

  • Engineers take ownership and contribute to projects from day 1 , often participating in the UX & design ideation

  • We value a ****high-quality user experience – we know great aesthetics, UI flow, performance, uptime, and limited bugs bring joy to our users

  • We use data-driven decision making

  • Two-week sprints and typical scrum rituals

  • We allocate time for improving the team's delivery performance, including codebase maintainability

  • ~70% test coverage across our existing codebase

  • We deploy many times a day

  • We actively practice inclusivity

  • We have fun at work – social chats daily, weekly “coffee” pairings with coworkers, and once a year we all come together for an all-team retreat

The Opportunity

We're looking for a Staff Full Stack Engineer to architect and develop our Scala/Play 2 and JavaScript/React app.

Process Street is built on Scala/Play 2, AngularJS, React, Redux, and AWS. We use modern tools, which means you’ll have the opportunity to work with software like PostgreSQL, Redis, CircleCI, Docker and much more.

What You’ll Do

  • Research, guide, and execute full stack architecture changes

  • Deploy scalable backend API endpoints

  • Build reusable and tested React components, utilizing Storybook and our design system

  • Measure and resolve performance bottlenecks

  • Work with our product, design, and UX teams to create amazing and intuitive experiences

  • Build tools, processes, and documentation to improve our code quality

What You’ll Bring

  • 7+ years of software development experience

  • Experience with Scala (or Java, Ruby, or C#)

  • Experience with JavaScript & React

  • Experience building and maintaining a SaaS product at scale

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • A degree in computer science, software engineering, a related field, or equivalent work experience

Our benefits

  • Fully remote team (from day 1) - no offices

  • Unlimited PTO policy

  • Annual company offsite

  • Generous health insurance for US Employees and their families

Diverse Teams Build Better Products

Legally, we need you to know this:

Process Street does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We support workplace diversity.

But we want to add this:

We strongly believe that diversity contributes to a broader collective perspective that will consistently lead to a better company and better products. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team wherever we can and we actively encourage everyone to consider becoming a part of it.

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full-Stack Elixir Engineer - EU only
Full-Stack Elixir Engineer - EU only Teller
6.4K - 6.8K
2 weeks ago

Teller is the API for bank accounts. Our API enables developers to build applications that connect with their users’ bank accounts in a manner that is many more times reliable, predictable, performant, and fair than anything else available.

Elixir Engineers are responsible for everything from building the dashboards, onboarding flows, embedded hardware projects, and billing through to building the API itself and implementing new bank integrations alongside the Reverse Engineers on the Teller Red Team.

About you

  • You thrive in environments that afford you with high levels of responsibility and autonomy.

  • You hold yourself and those you work with to high standards.

  • You want to fulfil your potential to its fullest, grow as a developer and as a person to be the best you that you can be.

  • You don’t look for excuses for why something can’t be done, you are the person who finds the way it can be done.

  • If a skill that you don’t possess is required to complete a task you’re the kind of person who goes off and learns enough to get it done.

  • You behave like an owner. You take total responsibility for what you work on and think of the bigger picture like a product manager would.

  • You are results oriented and have a strong distaste for shaving yaks.

  • You are a persuasive communicator. You are both succinct and direct. You are clear about what you are doing, why, and what you expect of others.

  • You have strong opinions, weakly held, and the humility to change your mind according to the evidence as it presents itself.

  • You have experience of writing applications in Elixir.

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Fullstack engineer
Fullstack engineer Multis
3.8K - 5.3K
3 weeks ago

Multis builds banking accounts for companies holding both crypto and traditional currencies to run business. We’re crafting a unique hybrid bank that companies can use to pay abroad instantly with no fees, and access high-interest financial services based on both crypto and traditional currencies.

We’re backed by world-class investors including Y Combinator (Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox…), eFounders (Front, Spendesk, Aircall) and Coinbase Ventures.

What’s so special about engineering at Multis?

Most people would call Multis “just an interface” but you’d probably call it a server-less, backend-less, password-less, real-time fullstack ClojureScript static decentralized web application. It’s not about ticking boxes though — we chose these technologies and architecture to cater for our very specific domain: the blockchain. As for our engineering principles, we only have one: simplicity.


We’re looking for a fullstack engineer to work hand-in-hand with the CTO and the engineering and product teams to build and maintain our next-gen business banking stack and features — leveraging blockchains and their protocols as well as server-less infrastructure and functional programming. As a core member, we also expect you to have a major impact on shaping our culture and brand, and help us attract top talents!


  • Lead features development — from specs to tested production code — along with the Product team

  • Contribute to Multis technical thought leadership through articles on our engineering blog

  • Maintain product and handle company-wide support with the core team

  • Help build a world-class engineering team

  • For our lead: build a team and ensure smooth and structured execution to deliver on company’s objectives and roadmap

Preferred experience


  • 2+ years of experience as a fullstack engineer

  • Acquainted with ClojureScript (or strong willingness to learn — our coding test is in ClojureScript)

  • Experience with complex single page applications

  • Ability to lead projects and execute with pragmatism and velocity

  • Cultivate humility and curiosity about all things programming and tech

  • Know how to relax ????️

Nice to have

  • Startup experience — ideally B2B or fintech

  • Passionate about all things blockchain and crypto

  • Experience leading a team (or strong appetite to do so)

  • Previous remote experience

  • Hawaïan outfit and prior one-pot experience ????

Recruitment process

  • Phone call with CEO

  • Technical case

  • Feedback and call with Lead Dev

  • In-depth interview with CEO and CTO

  • Reference calls

Please apply by mail below:

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Remote Senior Full-stack Software Engineer (EU/UK only)
Remote Senior Full-stack Software Engineer (EU/UK only) Vavato
4.2K - 6.7K
3 weeks ago

Exciting times! At Vavato we are building a development team from scratch to further the development of our auction platform, initially built by a 3rd party agency.

You will join our brand new IT department and team, have a high degree of responsibility, freedom to execute your job, and have a high impact on a rocket ship growth organization.


Work hard, play hard! At Vavato you will find a relaxed, casual atmosphere (and occasionally see post-it blocks flying down the hallway in an attempt to punish a bad joke). We are young in spirit and lighthearted but work hard to reach our goals. 

We expect everyone to take initiative and point out things we could be doing better or could do to improve the #HAPPYVAVATO experience for our buyers and sellers. Our management team is always happy to listen to your concerns and implement the best ideas. Together we are smarter and stronger.


We are looking for highly motivated individuals willing to be part of a growing start-up / scale-up adventure. We expect you to take full ownership of your work, work hard, especially when needed - production issues can occur and have to be tackled, issues arise daily that require immediate attention to avoid hurting the company's bottom line. We try to structure the work as best as we can, but sometimes you will have to cope with chaos.

We expect you to help carry the load, help your teammates, and push the company forward.  There is plenty of room for learning and growth in our team. The intention is to make this company 10x bigger than it is today, with a focus on becoming a platform rather than just an auction house. Plenty of opportunities will be available down the road for people who are willing and capable.

We also expect you to have fun, love your job, love our customers, and enjoy the company of your colleagues ;)

Practices / Values

  • We deploy multiple times a day to production with zero downtime using Continuous Delivery

  • We follow the open-source model with our CTO being the benevolent dictator on the product and everyone contributing through pull requests

  • We believe in the values of Software Craftsmanship and do things "the right way", even under pressure.

  • We work directly with the stakeholders within the company without any proxy between the people who need a feature and the people working on it

  • We do unit testing, integration testing, black-box testing, and testing spanning the whole stack. This way you know that code that hits master is production-ready.

  • We use Kanban and release features as they become ready, without ever doing big bang releases and without creating "a release".

  • All of your code will be reviewed by a peer before being put into production to accelerate your learning and for your own ease of mind

  • Everything in our infrastructure is scripted either through Terraform or Ansible to ensure reproducible builds and to be disaster-proof

  • We have hourly full backups of the database in case anything goes wrong

  • We have tested our disaster recovery plan extensively

  • We use trunk-based development, our branches are very short-lived, and we employ feature toggles to ship code to production as early as possible without making it visible to users


We don't expect you to know everything in the list, but the more the merrier. Solid experience with both Ruby and Angular is required though, and affinity with Kubernetes, Docker, and DevOps is a strong plus.


  • Ruby 2.6.5

  • Rails 6

  • Rspec

  • Cucumber

  • Sidekiq

  • Redis

  • MySQL

  • PubNub


  • Angular 6

  • Protractor

  • Jasmine / Karma

  • PubNub


  • An affinity for DevOps / GitOps type of work

  • Google Cloud

  • Kubernetes and GKE

  • Github Actions CI

  • Docker

  • Experience with Continuous Delivery

Experience having worked on an auction platform before is a huge plus.


We believe giving you the best conditions to get work done your way is in yours and our best interest. We offer a great work/life balance, good benefits, quality hardware and equipment

  • Fully remote work

  • €4000 budget for MacBook Pro or Linux laptop of your choice + monitor + headset

  • Learning budget of €3000 per year for conferences and training

  • 1 free day a month to work on your pet project related to the company

  • Unlimited holidays

  • Coworking subscription or coffee shop allowance of €200/month

  • Company will refund your internet connection up to €100/month

Please apply here:
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