Shopify Developer
Shopify Developer Tako Agency
4.9K - 5.6K
1 week ago

Hidey-ho, neighbors!  Tako Agency (a fast-growing, fully remote agency with a leadership team based in North America) is looking for a Shopify Developer to join our team!  We are devoted to building beautiful, high quality, Shopify sites for our clients. (We build mobile apps too, but the core of our business is Shopify and Shopify-related apps.) Our team is tightly knit, positive, and supportive, and team members have plenty of chances to grow. 


  • Minimum of 3 years experience in Shopify site development

  • Strong knowledge of the Shopify platform as a whole

  • Expertise in Shopify theme development and customization

  • Expert-level knowledge of Shopify Liquid templating language

  • Proficiency with various Shopify JS APIs (Storefront, AJAX Cart, Sections, etc)

  • Strong understanding of responsive web design techniques

  • Expertise in:

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • SCSS

    • JavaScript/ECMA

    • JavaScript libraries (eg: jQuery)

    • Ruby (preferred but not required)

    • AJAX (preferred but not required)

  • Able to work on multiple projects and tasks simultaneously

  • Great attention to detail and organized

  • Positive, upbeat attitude

  • Fast learner

  • Excellent written and spoken English

  • Able to work a minimum of 30 hours/week, in either Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Pacific Standard Time (PST) 


  • Developing eCommerce sites on Shopify

  • Developing custom Shopify themes

  • Migrating websites from other eCommerce platforms to Shopify

  • Creating responsive website designs

  • Extending Shopify’s functionalities using storefront APIs, liquid programming, meta fields, etc.

  • Integrating third-party apps

  • Page speed optimization

  • Transforming complex layout PSDs into pixel-perfect presentation-layer 

  • HTML5/CSS3 templates

  • Working with version control systems such as GIT / SVN

  • Handling multiple projects at the same time, sometimes on tight deadlines

  • Producing high-quality work with a strong focus on detail

  • Thoroughly QA work prior to submission

Interested in learning more? Please apply, and in your introduction, please answer the following questions:

  1. Which Shopify websites have you worked on? Please send 2-3 links and explain what you did.

  2. What is your working availability (hours per week)?

  3. Are you familiar with Jira for task management?

  4. Can you work on EST or PST timezone? Please be specific.

INTRODUCTIONS THAT DO NOT INCLUDE ANSWERS TO THESE FOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE IGNORED. It demonstrates a lack of attention to detail, which is an important quality in a Tako team member. Thanks!

Please apply here:
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Front End Engineer
Front End Engineer Packet Fabric
9.0K - 11.3K
2 weeks ago

We are looking for someone well-versed in recent front-end development and has a passion for it. As a well rounded software engineer, you should definitely be the type that appreciates diversity in your day, and challenges outside of your comfort level! 

A typical day in the life of a PacketFabric senior software engineer might include these types of activities:

  • Designing a deterministic lifecycle workflow for our next product offering.

  • Writing core platform code for a new feature, and unit tests for functionality.

  • Refactoring and improving existing code for performance and simplicity. For example, breaking a large method into smaller, more maintainable and easily tested methods.

  • Building command line tools to help network engineers better manage network state.

  • Researching additional ideas, you may have to improve the product/platform overall and sharing with the team.

  • Interacting with customers and/or sales on a bug in the software, quickly resolving it, and coordinating across the team to push a fix.

  • Working with backend engineers and discussing quirks in network protocols and network interconnection which translate rapid API and UI changes.


The right candidate will have an abundance of hard core programming skills, have solid instincts for usability and creating beautiful functional web applications. You are probably a full stack developer who naturally gravitates towards front end work.

More specifics include:

  • Experience with AngularJS

  • Experience with Vue.js

  • Experience with the HTTP protocol and developing and using RESTful APIs.

  • Experience creating highly maintainable Javascript.

  • Experience in large scale distributed systems.

  • Experience writing code that interacts asynchronously with detailed APIs on complex logic flows.

  • Very comfortable using Git in a team environment (i.e. pull-requests, branch management, rebasing).

  • Experience working in an environment leveraging remote communication collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom etc.

  • Never being afraid to venture boldly where none have gone before and develop code where there are no previous libraries to draw from.

Preferred Experience

  • Experience with a graphing library, such as D3.js, and creating large scale data visualizations of any type

  • Experience with Websockets

  • Experience with a build system, such as Gulp.js

Please apply here:
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Frontend React Developer for E-Commerce Analytics Product
Frontend React Developer for E-Commerce Analytics Product Scalable Path
4.4K - 7.2K
2 weeks ago

Scalable Path is looking for a Frontend React Developer for an E-Commerce Analytics Product to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position, but the client is also open to part-time availability.

The pay rate for this role is from $30 - $50 USD per hour, depending on experience and capability.

CLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION: The client is a SaaS startup backed by an established company with 50+ employees and over $100 million in annual revenue. The new product you will be working with has a smaller team and is focused on providing analytics and insights to companies who sell their products in marketplaces like and

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The client has an existing monolithic web application that is built using PostgreSQL, Python (Flask). There are essentially 6 user dashboards that communicate different types of e-commerce data to the user (sales, traffic, ad spending, ROI, sentiment analysis, etc.). The HTML for these dashboards is currently being served by Flask and their appearance is rather generic. The client is redesigning each of the 6 dashboards and customizing each one to display data in precisely the way that makes the most sense for the specific data being displayed on the given page. The UX designer is using Framer and has already completed the new design for one of the dashboards.

Your job will be to implement the new designs while simultaneously converting the dashboard from a monolithic page that is rendered on the server to a React/Redux-based page that consumes an API. For this reason, if you have experience with Python and Flask this would be a big bonus since you could help with the development of the API as well if needed.

The client uses Git for source control, Notion for task tracking, and Slack, Gmail, and Hangouts for communication.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with QA to write unit and integration tests for React/Redux.

  • Recommend the right JavaScript libraries for things like testing and charting

  • Assist with high-level architectural decisions keeping in mind scale and growth.

  • Deploy code to staging and production environments.

  • Positively contribute to a solid mission and be a critical voice within the team.

RELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH: You will be reporting to the VP of Product and working closely with a UX Designer. There is also a full-stack developer, data scientist, and QA specialist on the team. There is an existing daily meeting at 10:00 am America/Chicago (-05:00) CDT.


  • Excellent written and spoken English

  • JavaScript (React and Redux)

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Experience with data visualization libraries (such as D3.js or Plotly)

  • Experience with Automated Testing (Unit, Integration, and Performance)


  • Python (Flask)

  • PostgreSQL

  • Google Cloud Hosting

START DATE: As soon as possible.

EXPECTED CONTRACT DURATION: 2-4 months if working full-time (and potentially longer)

NOTES: The client prefers full-time but is open to candidates who are an excellent fit but may only be available part-time.

Please apply here:
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Senior Node.js Developer
Senior Node.js Developer Turbulent x Cloud Imperium Games (star Citizen)
6.0K - 6.8K
3 weeks ago

What you will do

As a member of the Game Services team for Star Citizen, you will be responsible for building the online MMO backend services & related tools, acting on both the server and game-client side. The team is based in Montreal but operates mostly online with studios located in the US and the UK.

Your main objectives will be to:

  • Design service APIs to power game features by working closely with Game Designers.

  • Develop scalable online macroservices in a large meshed service ecosystem

  • Program in tandem with Gameplay Developers to enable the game client

  • Take ownership of game features in the MMO architecture from inception to deployment and operation

You will work in the following stacks:

  • Communications with gRPC & Protobuf

  • Gameplay services under Node.JS with Typescript

  • High throughput services with C++ and gRPC

  • C++ Game Client (StarEngine) communications with gRPC

  • Distributed message queues (Kafka)

  • Deployment with Kubernetes, Docker, and Linkerd2


You’re Eager to Take On

  • Build macroservices in a polyglot environment

  • Be part of a fast-iterating development environment

  • Estimate the effort to perform specific tasks, commit to delivery deadlines and help the team set and respect production timeline collectively

  • Mentor other developers on technologies you have learned to master

  • Designing innovative online services by focusing on fault-tolerance, scalability & security

  • Understanding the game features in order to provide clean, well defined, and documented service APIs

  • Using Cloud Native technologies to guarantee that Star Citizen is built on top of a sustainable ecosystem

  • Providing tools and applications to enable LiveOps teams to manage the game.

  • Interacting with infrastructure engineers to analyze, inform, review and improve the reliability and scalability of the game’s backend


You’re Savvy in

  • Communicating efficiently with people and translating technical jargon

  • Adapting to various contexts, sometimes shifting priorities

  • Managing your schedule to ensure productivity and efficiency in projects

  • Showing autonomy, being thorough and curious about new technologies

  • Getting things done, sharing good practices in backend development, contributing to implementing efficient processes

You have Accomplished

  • Relevant programming experience or Bachelor in Computer Science

  • 4 years+ of experience in backend programming

  • 2 years+ of experience in programming with Node.js and experience with TypeScript

  • Good understanding of Linux shell, git and build pipelines

  • Good understanding of real-time network communication through gRPC, WebSocket

  • Knowledge of Event-Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

  • Experience with C/C++

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes; an asset

  • Experience working in a video game studio,an asset

Please apply here:
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Systems Administrator (Linux, PHP)
Systems Administrator (Linux, PHP) Compucorp
2.7K - 4.1K
3 weeks ago

A big hello from the team at Compucorp!

We’re on the lookout for an exceptional systems administrator to join our growing team. Your work will have significant impact and the role will expose you to working on a range of open source projects for the not for profit sector.

You will be working with the development and QA teams, reporting directly to the CTO to define the deployment tools and processes in Compucorp. You will be very hands-on technically but also you will mentor and guide the more junior members of the systems administration team.

The main responsibilities of this role include:

  1. Develop and maintain production infrastructure and mission-critical internal systems.

  2. Liaise with Development, QA and management teams to define and deliver the strategic needs of the company infrastructure.

  3. Stay up to date with security best practices and integrate security at every level of the stack.

  4. Monitor and troubleshoot infrastructure issues for live client environments.

  5. Provide infrastructure architecture advice for Compucorp development teams.

  6. Investigate new infrastructure technology and solutions.

  7. Mentor and train junior systems administrators.


At Compucorp we are a distributed team and we welcome people to join us from all around the world. However, as a UK-based company, some overlap with UK hours will be required. By default, you should assume that your working hours would be +/- 3h max from GMT start times of 9.00AM UK start time. There is some flexibility in this but please be aware that staff members starting outside of these hours are rare and, as such, if you would expect these hours to be an issue for you then we would not suggest that you apply. Due to EU data protection requirements, DevOps/SysAdmin team members must be from either an EEA country or a country that the EU considers to have an adequate level of data protection. The list can be found at the link below:

Skills & requirements

Required skills:

  1. Excellent Linux administration skills.

  2. Significant experience writing Bash and Python scripts for tasks automation

  3. Significant experience in developing automation using Ansible.

  4. PHP web server experience (NGINX preferable).

  5. Database administration experience (Mysql or equivalent).

  6. Experience with cloud technologies, (our stack is mainly AWS).

  7. Experience with monitoring platforms in production

  8. Exposure to CI/CD.

  9. Good Git skills.

  10. Strong collaboration, written and verbal skills.

  11. Must love creating awesome documentation!

Desired skills:

  1. Previous PHP deployment automation

  2. Experience with Drupal administration

  3. Experience with containerisation in production

Please apply here:
Lin to apply

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Senior iOS Developer
Senior iOS Developer Neybox Digital
3.3K - 5.0K
3 weeks ago

At Neybox Digital we build mobile applications that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of millions of individuals worldwide. We are best known for "Pillow", our sleep tracking app and "Today" a habit tracking app with a quantified-self approach. 

All team members are either talented engineers or technically-skilled designers to ensure our collaboration is fast and straightforward. Everyone's voice is heard, and we strongly believe that being part of an inclusive and diverse team that works closely together can produce amazing results.

The size of our team is small enough to allow everyone to be equally involved and have a clear view of the big picture. We won’t bore you with a single never-ending subtask of a subtask. Meetings and interruptions are always kept to a minimum. We want you to do work that matters and work that you are proud of. 

Who we're looking for

We're looking for team members that enjoy working on all the aspects of developing and evolving an iOS app. From the deep inner workings of the application’s backend architecture and scaling to polishing the animations of the UI and working with our support team to diagnose an issue that a user is having. We require at least 3 years of iOS development experience and you must be able to show at least one real-world project where you have made a significant contribution.

It's important to know that we're looking for a full-time exclusive collaboration that will last for years and evolve over time. Don't apply for this position if you are a freelance developer searching for a side project to work on for the next few months and move on to the next one. 

Skills and expertise that we require:

  • At least 4 years of iOS development experience using Swift

  • Experience working with UIKit, Core Animation, GCD, Core Data and WatchKit.

  • Experience working with Git version control and Unit testing.

  • Experience in performance profiling with Instruments on Xcode.

  • Comfortable working and communicating in English, both in writing and speaking.

  • Willingness to learn and experiment with new technologies.

A day at Neybox

All team members start their day with a quick five-minute report of what they intend to do work on and what has been their progress so far to help us coordinate and prioritise. After that each member of the team will be working on their assigned tasks alone or in coordination with other members of the team developing new features, squashing bugs, prototyping, updating the UI or experimenting with new technologies or the next crazy idea that might change the world.

We practice Agile development and plan our work on a fifteen-day sprint so there will be regular meetings every second Monday, Thursday and Friday to start a new sprint, plan ahead and show the rest of the team what has been done. There are very few other meetings during the sprint because we have actual work to do ;) That's it!

What we offer

We offer a great salary, paid vacation time, financial support for opportunities that will help you grow as a professional and we reward every team member with additional bonuses and benefits for outstanding work and personal or team goals achieved.

If that sounds like what you're looking for, just apply for the position and we'll reach to set up a meeting to get to know you better.

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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