Full Stack JavaScript Developer
Full Stack JavaScript Developer GitStart
1.1K - 1.8K
2 days ago

Ideal candidate for this role: 

  • At least 2 years of professional experience as a Software Engineer, writing code for native applications

  • Required experience building React based apps & ES6

  • Required experience building server side apps based on NodeJS

  • Good experience building large single page frontend apps

  • Good grip on functional programming design patterns

  • Good grip on TDD, and writing elegant test cases

  • Experience using/building JS based tooling such as webpack, babel & npm

  • Preferable experience using JS based languages/type systems such as TypeScript/FlowType/Elm/ReasonML

  • Effective communication skills (English, verbal, and written)

  • Prior experience working remotely as an effective member of a team

  • Comfortable working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Senior Full Stack Engineer
Senior Full Stack Engineer Sector Labs
5.1K - 7.5K
4 days ago

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer you will work on our real estate portals built as SPAs with React, Node and Django as well as on our customer facing tools. These are complex systems with many moving parts and drastic performance requirements. You will have to write new code and understand legacy systems, design new parts and keep an eye on performance bottlenecks.

This is a remote role accepting applicants only from European Union. A high degree of autonomy is offered and we expect you will use it to make decisions and shape the future of our software stack.

Skills & Requirements

Experience and Pragmatism

This role is for somebody who has been through several releases and products built from ground up. We expect some degree of specialisation on technology but if that does not align with the one we’re using at the moment we don’t mind.

What we expect is:

  • University Degree in CS, CE or closely related

  • At least 5 years of experience writing code professionally

  • At least 3 years of experience in web development

  • A good understanding of all common data structures

  • Ability to write complex algorithms

  • Ability to design software systems with multiple parts across multiple technologies

  • A good understanding of performance optimisation techniques


While knowing our stack is definitely an advantage, it is not by any means a disqualifying factor:

  • Python 3, Django, React, Redux, Node, Express

  • Other technologies and services: Universal Web Apps, Machine Learning, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Heroku, AWS, Algolia, CDN’s

What is it like to work for us?

Here are some ideas we have that might help you figure that out:

  • Autonomy: you will choose the tools you want to use and get to make all the technical decisions as long as they make sense (that's for the CTO to approve)

  • Mastery: we will encourage and support you to learn as long as it takes so you can feel proud about your work (the nice side effect of this is having awesome products built by you)

  • Offering the best and expecting to get the same in return: annual allowance for gear upgrades (chair, computer, etc.)

About Us

We're part of a group of companies which operate some of the biggest real-estate web portals in four countries in Asia and Africa. Our purpose is to help provide the technology for these high traffic websites as well as for the back-office operations including sales and marketing.

Please apply via mail:

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API Engineering
API Engineering PeerWell Inc.
6.0K - 9.0K
1 week ago

We are looking for an experienced system software contributor with an architect's mind to join our small engineering team as an API engineer and problem solver. API engineers provide the core functions for our business through the highly performance and innovative APIs they design, build, and elaborate.

Role & Responsibilities:

You will

  • Help define technology solutions to product problems

  • Propose, discuss, plan, and develop APIs for use by our frontends as well as system partners

  • You will architect and document solutions with your peers in the engineering team, size them, commit to them, develop them, and make sure they succeed in production.

  • With your experience, be able to help identify system issues in advance, and understand the tradeoffs in terms of time and effort of the various solutions to them.

  • Use your creative intelligence to find appropriate solutions and propose what are perhaps entirely new ways to better solve problems.

  • endeavor to be responsive to your team as well as those outside of the team and engage with them honestly.

  • know your limitations

Technical Requirements:

  • You will be an expert in Nodejs and Javascript at a minimum. Your expertise in Typescript is a plus as we are starting to use that now.  Much of our code is also in CoffeeScript so your familiarity with that is plus.

  • You should be expert with async code and the issues that arise from multiple processing threads working on the same data. 

  • You should know Mongo and MySQL-like systems very well or have the background to slam-dunk those.

  • Familiarity with Redis and/or other caching systems. And understand the issues.

  • Expertise in writing readable, well designed, class oriented code is essential. Typescript ideally, but also in any other type-strong language.

  • Be good at understanding, refactoring, and commenting code.

  • Know what a well designed API looks like and why it is the way it is.  Understand and have opinions on REST-based apis.

  • Nice if you have experience in working with or incorporating AWS components into design solutions. 

  • Be able to write clear agile-style use cases and acceptance tests. You have opinions on effective work processes. You can negotiate with other business players on dates and deliverables.

  • Know Git, understand and use task management, and understand how sprints or other agile development processes work.

  • Have experience and appreciation for writing test cases. Can talk about TDD or other testing methodologies and have opinions on them. 

It’s a plus if you have experiences with:

  • Machine learning, image recognition, or human behavior detection technologies

  • Ops and system infra, containerized system

  • System optimization and architecture, operating systems or networking design

  • Securing systems, and handling PII

  • Have development experiences with Medical technologies, systems, and markets.

  • Content management systems

  • Business billing and reporting systems

  • Experiences with healthcare systems, medical technology, and related fields.

  • Running a principled process for selecting technology products, including build vs buy decisions.

  • AWS stuff as IAM, EC2, ELB, ALB, ECS, VPC, security groups, and container management via Docker and Kubernetes, as well as scaling & security practices.

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full-Stack React/Node Developer
Full-Stack React/Node Developer Plex
5.0K - 8.3K
1 week ago

As a member of the content team, you'll work on both public and internal applications. The content team is responsible for bringing great media into Plex from a variety of partners and online sources. Examples include rich metadata for all media types, ad-supported movies and TV shows, live TV streams, podcasts, web shows, and news. You'll work on our public facing pages for all of this metadata as well as the internal tools that we use to manage everything.

You will

  • Build on a highly performant React app that will be used by millions of people

  • Build internal tools on a TypeScript/React/MongoDB stack

  • Work on the node.js / TypeScript backend

  • Take ownership of everything you work on and play an active role in defining features and requirements

  • Work with an incredible team

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Senior Fullstack JS Engineer
Senior Fullstack JS Engineer Chance
3.8K - 5.0K
1 week ago

As a full stack engineer, you will be working as part of the product team to build all aspects of our services designed to help people get a fulfilling job. This will include front end, back end, API design, and data management.

To succeed in this position, you must have a self-starter attitude. You will be given general goals, and it will be up to you to figure out how to accomplish them in terms of implementation. This requires a high-level of creativity and ability to deal with uncertainty since the situation changes quickly.

You must also be a team player. This is not just an empty slogan. You must be comfortable with constant brainstorming, whiteboard sessions, and interactions with people both inside and outside the development team on multiple projects.

The team is growing fast: 

The quality and scalability of our codebase is key.

Chance is a mix of psychology and technology. Coaches are involved in tech, we expect engineers to be involved in return.

Our product is tackling a complex subject: 

Helping people find purpose in life and accompany them until they get a new job, high uncertainty in execution is our daily pace.


  • Application development for our internal and external users

  • API Design, Database design and Tech Architecture

  • Get involved in product design process, bringing your tech expertise to challenge the envisioned solutions

  • Pushing forward our technical stacks by testing and implementing new paradigms


  • Design: Sketch, Abstract, InVision, Specify, Zeplin

  • Frontend: ReactJS, Typescript, Styled components, Storybook, GraphQL

  • Backend: NodeJS/Express, Typescript, GraphQL, Knex, PostgreSQL

YOUR PROFILE: We are looking for an high-agency team player, able to lead projects and collaborate with other teams.

You master Javascript in depth and you have:

  • Strong alignment with Chance vision and mission

  • You have already worked in a startup environment

  • You have 7 years+ fundamental hands-on experience in ReactJS NodeJS

  • You have a strong UX and aesthetic sensibility — you love well crafted pixels

  • You have a deep interest in simple and maintainable code — testing and scalability in mind

  • You have practical experiences in GraphQL

  • Strong knowledge in relational databases, especially PostgreSQL

  • Fluent written and spoken English

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Full Stack Engineer for a Cryptocurrency startup
Full Stack Engineer for a Cryptocurrency startup Chorus One
5.3K - 8.3K
1 week ago

Chorus One runs validators for multiple Proof of Stake networks and manages over $50 million in crypto-assets. As part of this mission, we provide a user facing interface for staking: https://anthem.chorus.one . We are actively searching for a Full Stack Engineer to lead the development of Anthem.

This is a challenging role that would entail building out a web platform which interacts with the cutting-edge technology surrounding today's decentralized networks. As such you will be exposed to many new, interesting, and unique technologies in the course of this role. Anthem is open source, so you can review the code to have a clear idea of what you would be working on.


  • Integrate new cryptocurrency networks into Anthem.

  • Develop and test user workflows pertaining to managing funds.

  • Develop new product features for Anthem to enable users to optimize their returns.

  • Participate in the upkeep of Chorus validator infrastructure through on-call rotations.

The Ideal Candidate

Must haves:

  • Worked in a fullstack role touching both frontend and backend.

  • Solid experience working with React and NodeJS.

  • Familiarity with building and consuming GraphQL APIs.

  • Experience with at least one strongly typed language (ideally TypeScript).

  • Comfortable working remotely with a high degree of autonomy.

  • Good Experience with UI testing of some form: Selenium, Cypress, Nightmare.js etc.

Nice to have:

  • Interest and knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or an interest to learn.

  • Experience interacting with hardware cryptocurrency wallets, e.g. Ledger devices.

  • DBA experience with Postgres or other SQL databases.

  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines for deploying web products.

  • Skill or interest building data visualizations.

  • Experience with product-analytics tools such as Segment and Amplitude

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Vue.js Frontend Developer
Vue.js Frontend Developer vChain
3.8K - 6.0K
2 weeks ago

vChain is the leading Open Source company for immutable recording of data and processes.

Our solution CodeNotary (www.codenotary.io) can be used on-premise or in the cloud, is always easy to use and can process millions of transactions a second with cryptographic verification.

We are looking for an experienced and dedicated Frontend Developer to build and maintain the user interface and always improve usability and customer experience. If you feel addressed, you have the opportunity to help bring back trust and integrity to the digital world!

We use the following environments and systems: JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js and Go, Java, Linux, and low-level operating system technologies, as well as complex cloud infrastructure.


  • Good knowledge of English (spoken/written)

  • Adequate technical education (e.g. college, university)

  • 4−5 years of professional experience in developing and operating software solutions

  • Excellent user empathy

  • Excellent programming skills: JavaScript, ES 6, Node.js

  • Excellent experience with Vue.js and other JavaScript frameworks

  • Experience accessing API driven architectures (e.g. REST, gRPC)

  • Experience with Software Version Control and Continuous Integration (e.g. Git, Jenkins, Travis)

  • Experience with Markdown, GitHub Actions, VuePress, and Linux

  • Experience with .NET development

  • Structured working approach and general-purpose problem-solving skills

  • Interest in blockchain technologies (e.g. Ethereum, Parity) and smart contract development (Solidity)

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Senior Front-End Developer
Senior Front-End Developer Cakemail
5.6K - 9.4K
3 weeks ago

Cakemail's mission is to spark, cultivate and measure interactions between businesses and their customers. Our software makes it easy for businesses and developers to manage contacts and relationships, deliver highly personalized email communications, track activities, and generate meaningful analytics.

Cakemail is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer.

In this role, you’ll be responsible to implement new features in our core product, in our supporting products and tools, and our corporate website and other web properties as well as fixing bugs.

We're looking for a person involved, collaborative, open-minded and constantly learning.


  • Write easy to read and structured code

  • Ship awesome features in collaboration with the other developers

  • Optimize and speed up the product

  • Not afraid to dive deep into existing code

  • Rapidly fix bugs

  • Solve complex problems

  • Architect our future

Must haves:

  • Passionate about web development

  • Prior experience with issues that can occur when dealing with scale, performance and availability

  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS

  • Working experience with React / Redux

  • Prior experience building large scale applications in React

  • Self-starter

Bonus points:

  • You have an account on GitHub and contribute to open source

  • You have a pet project

  • You have a blog that you actively maintain

  • Experience with Node.js

  • Experience with email marketing

  • Like cupcakes.


  • You’ll enjoy our team lunches. Introduce us to your favourite cuisine...

  • You will appreciate having a flexible schedule

  • You can work from home

  • We offer an exceptional work environment filled with creative humans

You may already know if you’re a fit. If you’re worried about technology and experience requirements — don’t be. We are looking for smart, proven engineers with a passion for learning and delivering.

Cakemail is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability status.

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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Senior Node.js Developer
Senior Node.js Developer Turbulent x Cloud Imperium Games (star Citizen)
6.0K - 6.8K
3 weeks ago

What you will do

As a member of the Game Services team for Star Citizen, you will be responsible for building the online MMO backend services & related tools, acting on both the server and game-client side. The team is based in Montreal but operates mostly online with studios located in the US and the UK.

Your main objectives will be to:

  • Design service APIs to power game features by working closely with Game Designers.

  • Develop scalable online macroservices in a large meshed service ecosystem

  • Program in tandem with Gameplay Developers to enable the game client

  • Take ownership of game features in the MMO architecture from inception to deployment and operation

You will work in the following stacks:

  • Communications with gRPC & Protobuf

  • Gameplay services under Node.JS with Typescript

  • High throughput services with C++ and gRPC

  • C++ Game Client (StarEngine) communications with gRPC

  • Distributed message queues (Kafka)

  • Deployment with Kubernetes, Docker, and Linkerd2


You’re Eager to Take On

  • Build macroservices in a polyglot environment

  • Be part of a fast-iterating development environment

  • Estimate the effort to perform specific tasks, commit to delivery deadlines and help the team set and respect production timeline collectively

  • Mentor other developers on technologies you have learned to master

  • Designing innovative online services by focusing on fault-tolerance, scalability & security

  • Understanding the game features in order to provide clean, well defined, and documented service APIs

  • Using Cloud Native technologies to guarantee that Star Citizen is built on top of a sustainable ecosystem

  • Providing tools and applications to enable LiveOps teams to manage the game.

  • Interacting with infrastructure engineers to analyze, inform, review and improve the reliability and scalability of the game’s backend


You’re Savvy in

  • Communicating efficiently with people and translating technical jargon

  • Adapting to various contexts, sometimes shifting priorities

  • Managing your schedule to ensure productivity and efficiency in projects

  • Showing autonomy, being thorough and curious about new technologies

  • Getting things done, sharing good practices in backend development, contributing to implementing efficient processes

You have Accomplished

  • Relevant programming experience or Bachelor in Computer Science

  • 4 years+ of experience in backend programming

  • 2 years+ of experience in programming with Node.js and experience with TypeScript

  • Good understanding of Linux shell, git and build pipelines

  • Good understanding of real-time network communication through gRPC, WebSocket

  • Knowledge of Event-Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

  • Experience with C/C++

  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes; an asset

  • Experience working in a video game studio,an asset

Please apply here:
Link to apply

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